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Corporate Marketing

Advertising and marketing is always a huge part of every company, this week in class we discussed corporations and marketing 2.0. Marketing through blogging has opened up a whole new way for corporations to advertise themselves. First there is always the question about whether or not blogging is the right choice for your corporation because it does have a few disadvantages. In most cases it is probably beneficial for a corporation to have a blog, you just have to make sure to monitor a few things. When creating a blog for your corporation you need to decide how you want it to look and who will be writing. I feel that it’s a good idea to have a CEO, director, or some public face of the corporation involved in the writing. This creates a sense of transparency for the company and makes this person more relatable for the general public. Although it may not be realistic for the CEO or director to be posting every day I feel that it is necessary to have at least a weekly post by the head of the company. The question of who will write the rest of the time is a tough one, although it would be interesting to have employees post it would have to be done very carefully. It might be useful to have an outside person hired for specifically running the blog. This way, employees could write posts but they could be edited by an expert to ensure that the corporations’ goals and ideals are not being compromised by any single employee’s opinion. If an employee were to have strong feelings about something and write about it, issues may arise about the public thinking that those feelings are the feelings of the entire company. If a blog is set up well and updated regularly I believe that it could do great things for a corporation when it came to advertising and marketing.

There are a few other ideas about marketing 2.0. Viral marketing is important for corporations to reach consumers in many ways. This can be done through sending information in text messages, reaching many people easily at one time. It can also be done in an incentivized way where people get money for passing the message or advertisement along. Masked marketing is a way to get people’s attention by sending mysterious information that makes them want to know more. Rumor marketing is a way to get a corporation or person in the media a few days before they are about to do something big. Social databases are a way for clients to add whatever contacts they want through an online service. A final type of of viral marketing is invitations which create an idea of exclusivity that is very appealing to consumers. Another way of marketing 2.0 is through what is called the evangelist consumer. These are customers that have fallen in love with a product of the company and do marketing for the company on their own. By being involved in the blogosphere and very curious about all products of the company they can be great advertising tools for the corporation.

Marketing 2.0 is changing the world of advertising for companies and it is essential that corporations do whatever they can to keep up with these constant changes and advancements in the media world.

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Newbie to the blogging world

You know how there is always someone in your group of friends that knows everything about the internet and is always up to date with the most current technology? Well, that has never been me. I am always the one hearing about these things from others and thinking that maybe I’ll check it out. I know the basics of the internet and can get around pretty well and although I’ve been on Facebook for a while, I just joined Twitter a month ago. I always thought of blogging as something for people who had some strong opinion about something or companies that wanted to their bring products to the internet. My dad encouraged me to set up a blog for my time in Barcelona as a way to keep my family at home updated about my life abroad. I set up a basic little blog and use it to simply write about my experiences. This Journalism 2.0 class has given me the opportunity to really get into the blogging world. In just two weeks I have learned so much about the history and process of blogging.

The first blogs came about in the late 1980’s but the world of blogging really started to expand in the beginning of the 21st century. We spent some time talking about the advantages to blogging and there were a few that really stood out to me. The main advantage that stood out to me is the availability for instant feedback. You can post something and within minutes people can start leaving comments. There is no other media source (newspapers, magazines, TV) where feedback is that instantaneous. And not only can you receive feedback immediately, you can do something about it. You can start improving your blog right then and there, editing things or adding new posts. Another advantage I took note of was the idea that blogs are limitless. If an important event happens, whether it’s the election of a new leader or a natural diaster, bloggers can post something about it immediately. There is no waiting for the newspaper to come out the next day or the 6 o’clock news to come on. There is also no limitation with space, you can post as many words as you want as well as pictures, videos, whatever! Blogging opens up a whole new world for information, people can blog about whatever they want, however they want, whenever they want.

The only question I have about blogs is described perfectly with this:


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