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Casa Batlló

This week I spent some solo time exploring the work of a major figure in Barcelona’s history: Antonio Gaudí. Casa Batlló was the particular work I visited, taking some time to walk along Passeig de Grácia before heading inside. The outside of the building alone is amazing and is a perfect description of Gaudí’s architecture. It is sometimes called the House of Bones because of its skeletal look from the outside. The audio guide was free with entrance and I loved taking my time travelling throughout the house and learning all I could about it. The whole building itself has so many marine influences with colors and shapes coming from the sea.

There were a few particular parts of the house that caught my attention the most; the curvy walls, the big windows looking out onto Passeig de Grácia, the lightwell with the blue tiles, and the roof. The whole building was filled with curvy walls, I don’t think there was one straight or flat wall in the whole place. It really gave the house a unique feel and you could tell you were in someplace special. The big windows in the living room on the first floor were amazing. They stretched across the whole wall giving a perfect few of one of Barcelona’s main streets below. The light well was incredible, I have never seen anything like it. The blue mosaic tiles looked beautiful when the light hit them and I was impressed with Gaudí’s creativity. My favorite part was the roof. It is designed to look like a dragon from the street with more mosaic tiles covering it. There is so much space to walk around on the roof and I spent a lot of time just sitting up there. I have been in high places several times in Barcelona but they have all been from outside the city center. This time it was different, I was in the heart of the city on that rooftop, there were buildings all around me and I could hear the hustle of the city from below. It was a perfect time to reflect on my time in Barcelona and enjoy the beautiful city.

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