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The History of Podcasting

Podcasting is a relatively new invention in the media world with its origins traced to the beginning of this century. Audio content was just starting to become an important part of media and this brought up the idea of what to do with it. Christopher Lydon started posting recorded interviews on his blog. This audio content was becoming more popular but didn’t quite have a name or place in the media world yet. Audio versions of radio shows and newspapers were starting to be sold on the internet and one of the biggest advantages about them was that they were portable. However, it wasn’t until Dave Winer and Adam Curry brought in syndication that this audio media really started to expand. It is said that the word podcasting comes from the mix of iPod and Broadcasting. Podcasting is usually described as just audio and any video recording would be called video-podcasting. There are many advantages to this new form of media; automatic processes, web syndication, no filters, and more specific content as well as more quantity of content. Podcasting has come a long way in the last 10 years and is making a huge impact of media society today.

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Steve Job´s Legacy

If you take a second to think about it, it´s quite astonishing to realize the number of people who have been influenced by Steve Jobs and Apple in the last 20 years. Almost all of us have some Apple product, whether it´s a computer or an iPod, we are all connected to Apple in some way. When thinking about Steve Jobs´passing it´s really easy to see how he influenced and forever changed the world he recently departed from. Simply put, he completely revolutionized technology.

There are some influences that are more noticeable than others. For instance, the physical products created by Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs are easy to see everywhere around us. I see MacBooks, iPods, and iPhones on a daily basis, even now that I am studying abroad in Spain. We can also see how these products have transformed over time. An example of this is looking at the iPod over time.









Although it is easy to notice the influence on the surface, there is so much more to Apple´s influence than just its products. Apple has truly changed the web 2.0 world forever. Their operating system has provided a stable, reliable, and secure way to use the web, parallel to none. Steve Jobs and Apple brought an interesting philosophy to their work and this philosophy was probably one of the main reasons why the company has had so much success over the years. They strive to produce fun and functional products. A testament to this is that even my mother, a rather un-savy computer person, can work easily with her Mac computer and operating system. Their dedication to great customer service has proven to be remarkable for their business and profits. Every time I enter and Apple store I am greeted by someone and instantly shown to a customer service representative to help answer my questions or find what I´m looking for. An obvious way that they have benefited Society 2.0 is through their products and applications. With what seems like the endless amount of applications provided by Apple, one can do virtually anything. Applications such as Twitter and blogging sites can now be accessed on phones and iPods, creating a way for people to instantly upload anything to the internet without having to be near an actual computer. I could be walking down the street, see a protest, snap a few pictures, and have them uploaded onto the internet through by iPhone within minutes. Without Apple and Steve Jobs the world would be a completely different place today. The video below was made just after Steve Jobs passed away and gives a humorous take on the amazing influence he left on society.  AOTS Viewers React to the Death of Steve Jobs

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