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The power of a post

Our class read a Jeff Jarvis article that focused on the power of one blog post. The article had to do with Dell and the horrible service they provided to Jeff. Personally I can relate to this because I have had many problems with Dell in the past and because of that will never own any Dell products ever again. But the point of this article was that he was so upset with his experience with Dell that he took to his blog. He made one short post about his issues with Dell, ending the post with “DELL SUCKS. DELL LIES.” Little did he know the frenzy this post would create. People began reblogging his post, commenting, and creating their own posts about their problems with Dell. Within a few weeks this one post had created a huge online issue for Dell.

I was really surprised at how one post could have that much impact. I haven’t spent much time in the blogging world, but reading an article like this makes me want to learn all I can about it. If one single blog post can be that powerful what can other blog posts do? Our world is in a very interesting place right now and technology has advanced to allow all cultures to communicate. A blog post written in South America can be read by someone in Russia, that is insane. Everyone has something to say and writing it in a blog is the way to go these days. Jeff Jarvis proved the power of a post with his post about Dell and now it is up to us to see how powerful posts can be in the future.

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