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Finding Solo Time in the Midst of Visitors

This was quite a crazy weekend for me. Sensation White came to Barcelona this weekend and because of that four of my friends from home came from Florence, where they are studying abroad, to visit for the weekend. Throughout the weekend I tried to show them everything I could about Barcelona so they could fall in love with it the way I have. However, if you try to imagine four extra girls in a room made for two you might be able to understand why I was desperate for some solo time. Don’t get me wrong, I love that my friends came to visit and we had a GREAT weekend but it was nice to take two hours for myself one afternoon to just enjoy some solo time.

I didn’t do anything particularly exciting or different for my solo time, in fact I went to one of my favorite places to eat here in Barcelona and walked along a street I am very well acquainted with. First I went to Bó de B, a great little hole-in-the-wall sandwich place near the beach. I probably eat there once or twice a week, if you haven’t been there before stop reading this and GO NOW! I got my sandwich to go and took a leisurely walk up Via Laietana near the Juame I square and metro stop. I always enjoy this walk because there is so much going on no matter what time of day it is, there are always people out and about, I love the hustle and bustle feeling I get when I’m on this street. I spent the hour just thinking about the weekend and enjoying everything going on around me. It was a much needed break but ironically I was very eager to get back to my friends to take them on another adventure in Barcelona. They were a little reminder of home and I think that at first part of me didn’t want to be reminded of home. But in the end, I realized what a great time it was to have that comfort around me for the weekend. And now, I will definitely have to make a trip to Florence to visit them!

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