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At the top of Barcelona…TIBIDABO!

This week I decided that I needed to go see more of Barcelona. I have been to Las Ramblas countless times and I have spent a lot of time walking around the downtown area of Barcelona, I wanted to do something different. Tibidabo was the perfect activity. It’s quite the journey to actually get to the top of the mountain, metro to ferrocarril to cable car to funicular…but the view alone at the top makes it all worth it, not to mention all the other excitement Tibidabo has to offer. This seems an unusual place for a person to go by themselves but I knew I wanted to see it and I do not have many free days in Barcelona. When I first got off the funicular I let all the little kids rush past me with their parents following close behind. I am usually a person that loves to be busy and going and going but I wanted to just enjoy a relaxed pace and take in the atmosphere.

I first just walked around the basic level of Tibidabo and looked out over all of Barcelona. I was so impressed with how big the city looked, I hadn’t ever seen all of Barcelona like that. The beautiful sweeping view of the city made me never want to leave that spot but I decided to venture up to the cathedral. When I got up there it was an even better view than before and I didn’t think that was possible. I spent some time trying to find the monuments I knew: Sagrada Familia, the twin towers by the beach, Montjuic and then just sat and looked over my beautiful city. I thought about going into the amusement park but when I realized it was 25 euros I decided against it, my student budget couldn’t quite handle that. Instead I opted for a coffee and found a nice little spot to sit and people watch.

One of the main things I noticed was the way parents handled their children. I was sitting in an area that was filled with kiddie rides so there were kids everywhere. I noticed that most of the parents were just sitting off to the side talking with one another. They would look up every once and a while but didn’t really seem to be overly controlling their children. This is very different from the States in that it seems like parents are always hovering over their children. I liked that the parents could enjoy themselves at the same time the kids were playing and everything was going smoothly the entire time. Maybe that’s a little something us Americans can take into consideration.

I truly enjoyed my time at Tibidabo and maybe I’ll be heading back there sometime again before I leave. As I left I got to look at this beautiful view and remember it for the rest of the day.

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