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Peer Encounter

My solo time entry this week is not quite solo time but this peer encounter has been such an important part of my time here in Barcelona that I wanted to share. This peer encounter that I am talking about is an assignment from one of my other classes. At the beginning of the term we were paired up with a native Catalan student from the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. Throughout the term we have written papers discussing the cultural differences we notice between our peer contact and ourselves. We have covered a variety of topics including, language, social identity, extra-curricular activities, pop culture, university life, religion, and politics. Each meeting I have a set of questions to use as guidelines for interviewing my peer contact. The great thing is that most times we start of with the questions for the general topics and then carry on into discussions of our own. We both love learning about the other’s culture. I am paired up with a girl my age so it is very interesting to see how much we have in common even though we are from two different cultures.

Two major topics we continually talked about were our identities as well as the university system here compared to that of the states. When talking about identity I learned a lot from my peer contact. Her and I are similar in some ways such as we are both very open-minded and aren’t strongly associated with one particular side of politics. However, I noticed some very prominent differences in the way in which we define our identities and how they were constructed. The ways we identify with social groups, how our identities were constructed by religion and how are nationalities affect our daily lives were all differences I noticed throughout our discussion. In terms of the university systems the three major differences I found were the issue of cost, student-professor relationships, and extra-curricular activities. The cost for university in Spain was extremely less than that in the United States. I also discovered that professors here do not seem to have as much available time or focus on their relationship with students whereas in the U.S. spending time with your professor is highly encouraged. What I was most shocked about is that extra-curricular activities are basically non-existent in Spanish universities and in the states you can’t walk more than ten feet on a college campus without seeing a sign or poster for some extra-curricular activity.

These experiences with my peer contact have been an amazing opportunity for me to get to know what life is like for students in Spain in a very direct way. It has become so much more than a class assignment, as I have been exposed to Spanish culture and formed a relationship with a great friend.

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Obama: the Revolutionary for Politics 2.0

Politics 2.0 is a relatively new phenomenon and that is largely due to Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign in 2008. He completely revolutionized how campaigns should be run and forever changed Politics 2.0. A huge part of what he did was first realizing that every person is their own universe and that politics needed to be addressed to those individuals rather than a whole society. He formed a great group to work on all of his 2.0 campaigning and they were the ones who structured something great. One of the best tools he created was “” which was his own sort of social network where people could come together to create their own groups and discuss a variety of topics and issues with their own opinions. He used many web tools throughout his campaign, some of the most important ones being Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. These were all ways to get his name out there and at a very low, if any, cost. It was great advertisement especially for people who couldn’t necessarily afford to go to all the big political gatherings and people who weren’t originally very involved in politics. It was easy for people to get involved or learn about what was going on without having to put in much effort. It was through politics 2.0 that he created at brand and this brand helped lead him to victory. Of course Politics 2.0 weren’t the sole reason he won, the traditional politics are still the main part but it was the extra people he was reaching with Politics 2.0 that made an important difference. After his election his advisors realized how important it was for him to keep up with Politics 2.0 and now as he gears up for his next campaign we will see what he has in store to enhance Politics 2.0 yet again.

Below is a video about Social Media and Politics 2.0 that shows the impact it has had for politics.

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