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Solo Time Italian Style

A long break from school meant travelling time so my roommates and I decided on a week in Italy. I travelled to Italy this past summer with my family for three weeks so I was excited to go back and experience these places with my friends. We spent time in Rome, Florence, and Venice. Traveling with a big group of girls is great but there were a few times when I needed a little time to myself. Two of my favorite solo times were in Florence and Venice.

We spent several days in Florence and I was surprised at how much I remembered from my time there this summer, I knew where everything was and felt very confident finding things. One afternoon we were all at the big central market where all kinds of booths were selling things, leather goods in particular. We decided on a meeting time and place and set off to shop. I didn’t really feel much need for shopping so I set off to walk through Florence a little and to my favorite place; the Ponte Vecchio. This is an amazing bridge overlooking the  Arno River. It is lined with shops and in the center offers beautiful views of the city and river. I found a little spot on the wall of the bridge to sit down and people watch. All sorts of people were coming up and taking pictures on the bridge. It was a breath of fresh air from the craziness of our trip and the bridge was even more beautiful than I remember.

We only planned 24 hours in Venice, mostly because that city can be done in a day. We had a very productive afternoon, visiting St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge. Before dinner I decided to do something I loved when I was here this summer: get lost in Venice. I left the group to walk through the streets of Venice for a while before pulling out my map and finding my way back to the hostel. Venice was my favorite place this summer and I only loved it more the second time. I love the idea of the city being on water, with no cars but instead small streets and bridges. It was beautiful and different in the winter. I knew that I would be saying goodbye to Italy the next day so I spent a few extra minutes taking it all in. Italian is such a beautiful language and I loved listening to the almost musical noise as I walked passed people. Italy was a great trip with friends but I definitely loved my moments of solo time.

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