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The Importance of Multimedia Reports

Part of our grade for this class is the production of a multimedia report. We spent a class talking about what a multimedia report is and looking into the details and importance of it. As I’ve stated before I am not one to know everything about computers so throughout class I took in everything I could about multimedia reports are and it made me really think about how important they are.

A multimedia report is a way to report a story, it’s a combination of many different ways to report information. Parts of the multimedia reports include videos, pictures, audio, text, and graphics. It is very important that each of these parts adds something to the story and doesn’t just repeat information. It is also important that the report has a non-linear format, that all the different parts are mixed together. It is key to know the difference between a multimedia report and a multimedia site. A multimedia site is a whole site that has all the different parts and reports stories, such as CNN or the Washington Post.

I feel that multimedia stories are very important, especially now that technology is such a huge part of our lives. A simple written article just isn’t going to cut it anymore and that’s where multimedia stories have such a big impact. These reports combine every different part of media to create stories that really stand out. The picture below is a great take on what a multimedia report can do to a simple written text.

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